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    Welcome to the Energy Arts Dojo.  Select the energy you wish to study.  Be sure to read the section on Burnout.


A brief warning about working with energy

Your own health
   Some people say working with these energies is unhealthy.  I think that it's unhealthy just like everything else - only when in excess. Therefore, only train when you feel good. Not emotionally, physically. If you feel sick, don't spend your day home trying to master the Genki Dama! You'll sap so much energy that you'll be sick for weeks, maybe even months.

   Another good piece of advice is to not push yourself. Don't do Genki Dama after Genki Dama (or any other big tech. That's just an example) trying to perfect it. Do one, maybe two, and spend the rest of your training time perfecting techs you can already perform, as to avoid unhealthy levels of energy loss. Also, always remember to power up first!

Others' health
   Some of these techs can make people extremely sick, or even kill them. So we ask that you are very responsible with these techs. We are officially not responsible for what you do with these techs. You are. If you get yourself sick and knock yourself into a coma, you can't sue us just like they can't sue a Dojo if you snap a tendon while trying to kick over your head before you're supposed to.

We're giving you knowledge. Don't abuse it.

Simple Progress Test
   A simple way to see how well you're progressing is to crumple a small piece of paper into a ball and hold it in your palms.  Concentrate on the paper ball and move energy past it.  See if you can move it.