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   I developed the Kuroi techniques some time back, that add the element of one's dark side's power to your normal techniques. This is a complicated method, albeit truly potent one, but this can boost power used with normal techniques. This boost approximately goes to 75-80% more power on top of the technique's usual power.

Why it works:
   This utilizes your mind's darker aspects to achieve this. The part that hates, wants to kill, that lives on instinct, and thrives on battle.

   Some people have this dark side supremely developed, that, if awoken, may wish to take over your body, while others have docile ones that know their place. I wound up with the latter, because of how many fights and wars I've been in on the astral plane. However, not as many will achieve this. This will happen with overuse of this technique, so be careful with this. This, however, will ONLY happen if used, say...20 times in a row, so try to utilize this with some sort of Finisher technique, or a Last Resort technique.

How to use it:
   Meditate, and feel within your Tan Tien for your energy flows that flow within you. I know you may have more than one, but while doing this, search deeper, for an inverted energy source, that looks the opposite color of your own.
   Now, draw slowly from this, not as fast as you do with your own power. This will take time and effort to achieve.
   What you want to do, is do your own, normal technique, but wrap this new energy around it, encasing it in a shell of sorts, with this energy. This energy is your Dark Side's power, and is quite a bit more potent then your own, though yours will overpower it.

Countering the Side Effects early:
   If you're able to utilize your own mindscape, you'll be able to hunt down your Dark Side. Try to make friends with it. Your dark side is still you, albeit a more psychotic version of yourself, and still wants the same things you do. Yes, that means if you love someone, then it does as well, but it's...more protective, and more willing to kill anyone that touches the one you love. It also means that if you're a nice person normally, it'll be nice, and understanding, as well. On the other hand, if you're a manipulative, selfish bastard, you'll be fighting another you that knows all your tricks, abilities, and how to counter most of them.

Why I named it Kuroi:
   This is because I thought about a more potent version of my Ryu Takabisha technique, and wondered if I could draw more power from my already awakened Dark Side. The technique may be misnamed, but from my meager understanding of Japanese, it would be something like Kuroi Ryu Takabisha, if I used this power along with my normal Ryu Takabisha technique.