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   Holy is an energy that comes from heaven that exemplifies the good and great in us all

Gathering Holy energy
   First, meditating is a good idea, as it always is. Now imagine giant, feathery, white wings on your back. These should look like Angel wings. Visualize the holy energy (which should been seen as white) coming from the wings and into your body.  You will need to gather Holy energy in order to perform Holy techs.

Seraphim Shielding
   Visualize six white wings on your back. Wrap these wings around your body and visualize the holy energy emanating from it and forming a 'bubble' of holy energy around you. Keep focus on the energy and the wings for this to work.

Angel/Seraphim Barrage
   This technique is called either Angel or Seraphim Barrage by whether you visualize two wings or six. Two wings is easier, and requires less concentration. Visualize either two or six wings on your back. Now visualize the Holy energy from your wings move to the tip of them and form a ball. Continue to gather energy into these balls, and when you feel you have enough energy in them, send the flying at your opponent, exploding the holy energy on contact.

Holy knives
   This is a more advanced holy technique.  Gather your holy energy and make a knife out of holy in the air.  Picture it solid, as a solid blade that looks like it could cut you if you tried to reach out and touch it.   If you get good, try making more then one knife; try picturing two or three.  When you have enough knives, you can either grab them and use them or throw them with your mind.

Holy Energy Portal

   This tech will give you a lot more Holy Energy than most techniques, but it's also much more difficult and more dangerous.

   Close your eyes and calm and center yourself.  A meditation is suggested.  Once centered, open your eyes.  Take a deep breath and hold it in for at least seven seconds, then let it out.  In your mind start visualizing beautiful patterns of Gold and White.  Let this bring you peace.  Continue to do this until your heart is beating very slowly.

Step 2


"By the power I conjure within me, I shall open the portal to the Heavenly Realms!"

Then visualize a spiral type of portal with the colors Gold and White spinning and opening up.This is the portal to the Holy energy realms.

Step 3
   Take your right arm and point it into the portal and say,
"By the permission of the Heavenly Energy Realms,
I am granted Holy Energy to be used under my will!"

   Visualize and feel the energy coming to you from the portal.
Try to visualize it as realistic as possible using every one of your senses (smell, sound, etc.  Not just sight and feel).  Feel the energy going inside you and becoming available to you under your authority.

   Now finish off with a Ki Flame but use Holy Energy instead.  Then say.
"Thank you Heavenly Realms for giving me this Holy Energy.
I bid you fare well and wish you to go back to the abodes from which you came from."

   Visualize The Portal spinning counterclockwise and shrinking until it disappears.  Finish by saying,

"This rite is complete."

Holy is an energy that comes from heaven that exemplifies the good and great in us all