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Demonic Energy Portal

   This tech will give you a lot more Holy Energy than most techniques, but it's also much more difficult and more dangerous.

   Close your eyes and calm and center yourself.  A meditation is suggested.  Once centered, open your eyes.  Take a deep breath and hold it in for at least seven seconds, then let it out.  In your mind start visualizing disturbed patterns of Red and Black.  Let this bring you a feeling of complacent superiority.  Continue to do this until your heart is beating very slowly.

Step 2


"By the power I conjure within me, I shall open the portal to the Demonic Realms!"

Then visualize a spiral type of portal with the colors Red and Black spinning and opening up.This is the portal to the Demonic energy realms.

Step 3
   Take your left arm and point it into the portal and say,
"By the permission of the Demonic Energy Realms,
I am granted Demonic Energy to be used under my will!"

   Visualize and feel the energy coming to you from the portal.
Try to visualize it as realistic as possible using every one of your senses (smell, sound, etc.  Not just sight and feel).  Feel the energy going inside you and becoming available to you under your authority.

   Now finish off with a Ki Flame but use Demonic Energy instead.  Then say.
"Thank you Demonic Realms for giving me this Demonic Energy.
I bid you fare well and wish you to go back to the abodes from which you came from."

   Visualize The Portal spinning counterclockwise and shrinking until it disappears.  Finish by saying,

"This rite is complete."


Demon’s flames
   You start after you’ve meditated, since this does require a lot of energy/focus to maintain, so don’t give up if you don’t get it the first time. You hold one hand out in front of you, palm up with your arm outstretched to its fullest length, this can be done while sitting or standing, doesn’t matter. Visualize fire hovering above your hand, crackling and popping.
   Next, focus your emotions of anger and hatred through your arm into the flame, dissolving everything into blackness except for the red shades through the black. Now when you see the crackling it should be giving off black light.

Demon Dragons
   Take the flames that you learned in the previous technique and imagine the flames turning into a dragon’s head with the muzzle facing up towards the sky.
   Then turn your hand so the palm is away from you, and visualize the dragon, which should be a Chinese dragon, emerging from the flames and attacking your opponent, when the dragon is fully out the flames should be gone from your hand.
   The dragon will stay on the field until you return it to flames, but beware, if you loose focus at any given time, the dragon will attack you as well.

Demon Ball
   Making a demon ball is by far the easiest of the Demonic abilities, you take a ki ball and focus your dark energy into it, corrupting the color to make it a darker color of what you had before, since ki color is the same as your aura. You visualize a dark mist coming from your palms and surrounding the ball and merging with it, which turns it a deeper color, from there you treat it like a normal ki ball.

Dark Mist
   The dark mist is used to cover you as you move, and sometimes, if you’ve ever noticed, sometimes you slip out of rooms where other people are sitting right next to you, and they don’t even know you’re gone. To start, meditate, and afterward, stand up and close your eyes. Let your hands and arms make a V shape downwards so that your hands are just below your waist, palms turned towards the front, but not forced, just natural.
   Then you have to visualize mist coming from your wrists and coating your body with a thin line, and when you want to hide yourself, just think about being hidden, like when you were little and played hide and go seek. To make yourself visible again, think about being safe.
   You will only have to coat yourself once, after that it will stay with you permanently.

piercing from the inside out
if its your first time do it touch your hand on someone and put all demonic energy into them so that they are full of your demonic energy then turn then move your hand away remembering the energy in them then think about the your demonic energy into sharp things suck as needles knife ect then draw your hand back behind your head and pierce the needles through them and bring them to your hand but dont losse that energy bring it back into yourself or make a demon ball with it when done the person should start acking for beginers dnt try it on there whole body to start with only do it to a limb and when you draw your energy out of them it should take theres with itwhen you get better at it you can do it at a distance without touching them