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    Mind Diving is a tech that lets you peer deep into your own mind and is a sort of meditation.  Sit or lay in a comfortable position in a place where you will not be disturbed.  Take deep breaths and relax.  Calm your mind like you might if you were going to bed.  Imagine that you're someplace beautiful and comforting.  Feel at peace.  Now, concentrate on the concept of you.  What are you lacking?  What do you need?  There shouldn't be any answers; if you come up with an answer you are either asking a question you already have an answer for or you're forcing an answer where there is none.  Once you have concentrated upon the question imagine a door in front of you (don't worry if the place you've imagined is outside.  It will still work).  Walk up to the door and open it.  Don't just imagine this part, really try to feel it.  Everything inside the door is dark.  Pure black.  Let the area light itself and see what is inside.

   For most people the room will stay dark the first several times they try.  Don't worry.  This is a journey in the subconscious and it will take time to really establish a good communication link with it.