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A burnout is when you overexert yourself and use up lots of Ki. You'll recognize a burnout pretty easily as you will find yourself not only unable to call upon Ki very well (if at all), but you'll be physically tired as well. Burnout will go away on it's own as your body replenishes it's Ki. To help recover faster, sleep well, eat well, and drink lots of water. Going for short, easy walks can help too since there is more Ki in natural surroundings, and fresher air will usually have better quality Ki.

Being very physically active or active with Ki at all is not advised. Attempting anything which uses much more Ki than everyday life is like trying to use a hurt limb. It will only slow the healing process. The only physical activities which are advised are walking, swimming, and things like bike riding or roller skating. Don't do anything with running or other impacting motions, and don't over-do anything at all. If you have any trouble breathing you should slow down and rest up a little. The only Ki practices which are advised are simple techs to draw in Ki, but do not draw it in in large amounts. This will shock your system and set you back to square one on your Burnout!