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Ki Moving Exercise
To begin you must of course be able to move your Ki around. There is Ki flowing through all of your body, but most of it is in you Tan Tien, an energy center near your waist. Ki is best visualized as a blue lava, but other substances work too (keep it blue or blue-white though). Visualize Ki flowing up from your stomach area and into your arm. It will begin to feel different, tingling with power (though not much power yet since you haven't started training). Try moving Ki to different parts of your body, and then two and three different parts at once.

Ki Gathering Breath
Until you become stronger you will run out of Ki easily. To gather more Ki, just concentrate on the Ki floating around you in the air. Breath deeply while visualizing Ki flowing in and filling you up, making you glow blue.

Ki Cleansing Breath

Life as someone who doesn't train in Ki has let your Ki become dirty and you may find that you need to clean it out every now and then, especially after being sick. To perform a Ki Cleansing Breath, take deep breaths while visualizing Ki from the air flowing into you when you inhale and visualize thick black smoke leaving you when you breath out. Continue this until you feel clean and refreshed.

Spirit Up
Picture yourself as an empty glass sculpture or shaped bottle.  Visualize yourself being filled with blue energy until you are full, then visualize it getting brighter and brighter.  This will help you get your energy moving and help you feel it better.  This is a warm up kind of like the energy equivalent of Jumping Jacks.

Ki Ball
Hold your hands like you're holding a basketball. Visualize Ki moving up your chest and splitting to go down each arm. Visualize it coming out of your palms and swirling in a ball shape in your hands. Ki balls feel different to everyone, but they usually tingle or push against your hands and are often warm. Ki Balls alone aren't very useful but are an important part of lots of other techs.

Ki Flame
The Ki Flame is the most basic power-up. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and move some Ki into your chest. Holds your arms straight up and then shoot your elbows down like you're doing a pull up. When you do this yell "HA!" and explode the Ki outward. This will make your Ki much easier to move and allow it to move faster.

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