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Mana Beam
Visualize Mana filling your arms. Hold your arms out with your wrists touching and palms open. Visualize a wave of Mana zooming up, pushing out the Mana in one long beam. This tech takes a lot of Mana, so make sure you've done the proper power-ups.

Gigantic Mana Blast
Hold your arms in the Ki Blast position and visualize a lot of Mana flowing into your hands and arms. Visualize roots growing out of your feet, pulling in more Mana so you can keep filling your arms until they feel overloaded with power. Visualize one last surge of Mana rushing to your hands, blasting all of the energy in your arms.

Mana Screw-Beam
Create multiple Mana Balls in your arms. Make the Mana Balls in one arm positively charged and the Mana Balls in the other arm negatively charged. Hold your arms out in any Ki Blast position and visualize the Mana Balls leaving your arms. The positive and negative Mana will try to spin around each other creating a screw. Visualize this screw zooming into your opponent.

Unlike in the Ki and Jing versions of this attack, there are many variations for the Mana version. You can make positives and negatives by using opposite elements (like fire and water), and each of the four basic elements has a negative and positive side, so you can make them purely of one element.

Fire/Water: Positive is Red (fire), Negative is Blue (water)
Air/Earth: Positive is Light Yellow (air), Negative is Dark Brown (earth)
Fire Only: Positive is Red, Negative is Green
Water Only: Positive is Blue, Negative is Orange
Air Only: Positive is Light Yellow, Negative is Pale Purple
Earth Only: Positive is Dark Brown, Negative is Smokey White

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