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Mana Kamehameha
Stand in a strong stance and cup your hands to your side and make a Mana Ball. Draw Mana into your chest and arms. Shoot it out like a Mana Beam with the Mana Ball at the This will make an extra-strong Ki Beam.

Mana-Genki Dama
Have your arms straight up, palms facing up.  Create suction by pulling Ki out of your hands and draw in Mana from all around you, concentrating on keeping it as Mana and not letting it turn into Ki.  Once you've got a Mana Ball, spin it so it sucks in all the new Mana, always concentrating on keeping it as Mana.  Continue until the bomb is big enough for whatever you're doing and throw it at the enemy

Mana Masenko
Have both of your arms straight out.  Move one hand in front of the other, so the palm of one is touching the back of another.  Summon Mana into your chest.  Shoot Mana out of both hands, with one Mana Beam reinforcing the other

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