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This curse attacks those who are vain and makes them neurotically concerned that they are ugly. 

You will need a picture of the person you wish to torment and something from their body like hair or nail clippings (used band-aids work great).  If you can't, take something with lots of their aura like clothes.  You will also need a marker and a cauldron or something else you can use to light things on fire in.  You will also want a bag for the ashes.

Take the picture and write "Beauty and Charm" on it with the marker.  Place it and the personal items (hair or whatever) into the cauldron and set it on fire.  As the fire starts to burn the picture, say,

"[Person's name] whom I now see you’ll go insane from vanity.

You’ll see yourself as others do.

All your looks are gone from you.

What was is gone and now is true,

all your beauty will flee from you.

Your youthful face has come to an end.

Your mighty ego now is broken,

you’ll go insane in that same token.

I take this all away from you

because of all the things you do.

Once you thought you were so great,

I bring you down to meet your fate.

The smell of stench is in the air around you now,

you’ll lose your hair In your mind,

you’ll go insane vanity is now your pain.

I accept this now manifesting by the powers of the Deities that rule the Darkest of the abyss...Lucifer, Belzebut and Astarot!

Aid me in my endeavors and carry out my wishes. So be it!”

Put the ashes into a bag or other containiner.  Sprinkle them around the person's house or, if you can't go there, their possessions, the point being to help get the curse into their life.