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   Meditation is a massive part of everything; you advance quicker by meditating than training in ki or kinetics alone and it is also a great way to relax and be at peace and helps you survive in modern society.

  This is a place that must be built both for quick meditation and is also a great relaxation place to just sit and think.  First, find a scent that just makes you happy or calm.  This can be incense, a perfume, a kind of flower, fabric softener; anything that works for you.  Next find a small object which is also calming.  A type of flower or a stuffed animal or a photograph of a happy time or of someone you love.  Finally, find a pair of objects comfortable to hold in your hands that you can fiddle with during the relaxation.  Marbles and polished stones work great.

   Finally, connect your shrine to your natural element.  Ideally if you element is Water your shrine would be by a lake, but for most of us we'll need to make due with just a bowl of water and some sea shells or river rocks.  Next, create your shrine using the opposite element.  Be creative though.  You can make a circle around your shrine with ashes rather than literally building a shrine out of fire.

   The shrine should be a circle big enough for you to sit in.  The more ritualistic it looks the better (think stonehenge).  Spread your chosen scent about the shrine.  Now place your three objects in a triangle with the one to look at in front of you and the ones you chose for your hands at your sides.  You are now ready for intensive Shrine Meditation.

   Hold your two objects and focus on your visible object, performing a type of self-hypnosis.  Let your consciousness relax and ultimately fade away, allowing your sub consciousness to align with your chosen element.  Once you're good at this you can perform your meditations three times as fast.  This means that for some techs that say you should meditate for 30 minutes, now you can just visit your shrine and meditate for 10 minutes.

   The theory behind this shrine is that if you are in your chosen element with your shrine made of your opposite your mind will balance out and allow you to overcome your opposite while strengthening your chosen element.  The 4 objects are for comfort ( the scent and two held objects) and for hypnosis (the focusing object).

   This is a tech that will greatly help your training and relieve your stress.  Also, if you can astral project at will you can set up a shrine in astral space but you must have the held objects and the scent, plus a very strong astral connection.