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Warm up: Dancing Flame
Try moving the flame to the right or left, do not confuse flickers as pyrokinesis, it should move the the left or right and stay there for bout a second.... NO FLICKERING! ...
This may take a few tries even weeks maybe but remember focus is key you may want to meditate for about five to ten minutes after focus on the flame and visualize a string tide around your finger connected to the finger then try to move the flame

Exercise 1

The dancing flame part 1 putting it out
Only about 5% of people can make the flame go out on their first try.
Get in a relaxed position and meditate for as long as you feel you need i suggest about 10 to 15 mins , and grab a candle. Light the candle on fire and focus on the flame. Create a "tunnel" between you and the flame. Now visualize the flame going out. You must be focusing on only the flame. With enough will power, and hard concentration, the flame will go out. Putting a flame or fire out is the second the first was moving the flame easiest part of Pyrokinesis.

Exercise 2
Heating a penny or other coin
Initially it will only be a slight increase in heat. Don't get discouraged!
Get a penny and place it in your palm. Concentrate on a flame starting on the penny, try and hold your concentration for as long as you can. The longer you hold it the stronger the effect will be. Any coin will work, but copper heats the best.

Raising the room temperature
Sit down , get relaxed. Picture the air around you where your aura might be and picture it getting hot and wavy like a car in the summer(the Air around the car). Try to feel the heat on your body picture yourself hot and sweaty. Picture a thermostat raising, This would help. It will raise the temperature in the room a few degrees.

Aura Burn
An Aura Burn is simple. Create a Ki Ball and keep making it hotter. Visualize it getting hotter and hotter, making heat waves and flickering until it becomes a flame. Let it spread up your arms, turning this Ki into fire too. Then blast it at your opponent like a flame-thrower. It will burn your opponent's aura. The ki-flames will quickly eat up the opponent's ki and it will make his skin hurt with a terribly burning sensation.

Flame Renewal

Get in a meditative position, Get relaxed. Breath normally through your stomach not your chest as usual. Imagine A small flame in your dan tien(belly button), And visualize it getting bigger and after a long time Engulfing your body. Now Do a ki flame, with the flame around you, Your energy should be renewed. Odd but it works.

Lighting a candle or match is a classic Pyrokinesis tech.  However, relighting is easier as the fiery nature of the item has already been actualized.  Simply light either a candle or a match, blow it out, and concentrate on the residual heat, visualizing it growing orange from the heat.  Then white, and ultimately bursting into flames.

Creating a Fire-Ball

*May want to be near a source of heat*
Create a basic ki ball(not hard, right?) Now Picture yourself Getting hot like you did in flame renewal, Then DO the flame renewal. Draw the energy from the fire around you and bringing into your ki ball. Turning your ki ball red. Keep drawing from the fire until your hands feel hot. Don't worry this takes a few tries.

Fire Blast

Place your hands at your sides as to perform an advanced ki blast. Charge up the ki into your palms but also visualize being engulfed in fire surrounding you. Let the flames build up and collect between your palms. Merge the ki in your hands with the fire between your hands. You should feel heat unless you are very advanced (in that case you may see a flame). Shoot your hands forward at the target and visualize the fire coming off your hands (just like shooting a psi ball) Warning If you aren’t prepared the flame can also attack you.

Hii Tate
(Fire Shield)
Do the Fire fusing technique before attempting this!!!
Let your energy Flow through the veins in your body so every part of your body is covered on the inside. Now Radiate your energy out(the heat of the car aura again) Now you should have an aura of this energy. Now Form a circle or ball of Fire around your body keep adding energy until its sufficient.

Fire Blade
Make fire energy pool at your index finger and middle finger. Force all of it into the finger tips. Move your Those two fingers in a circle, making a small ring of fire. Then fill those same two fingers with ki (hopefully you know what that is. If not, then it is your body’s energy. For more info e-mail me). Then make a ring of ki in the middle of the ring of fire. Make three ki balls and but them in the middle of the ring of ki. Connect them with strings of ki and make a ki ball in the middle. Make the disc spin so fast that it creates the illusion of not moving at all. Finally, throw it.

Fire Energy Fusion
This technique will fuse your Ki with the element of Fire. For the first several times you will probably have to do this while in a meditative state. So begin by meditating. Open your eyes and look around and notice the Fire in everything around you. Fire is in the metal that was heated when it was shaped. Fire is in the heat and light from the sun. Fire is even in the living things around you as growth produces heat. Breathe in, concentrating on the element of Fire. Feel the Fire filling you like Ki would fill you in a Ki Breathing tech. This will saturate your Ki with Fire, creating Fire Ki.

How long it will last depends on how well you perform this tech and how much Ki you expend. Assuming you do a good job with this tech and don't do much to use up Ki it should last between one and a half days to two whole days, during which it will slowly fade away. If you want to replenish it simply perform this tech again. If you need to get rid of it before then simply perform Ki Breathing a few times in order to flush out the Fire Ki.

Fire Ki is very useful in attacks, but will not work against all entities or shields. Also it does not work well for most healing. It can be used to increase blood flow to an area (if used in very small amounts), it can kill viruses and bacteria (if used in slightly larger amounts - use too much and you kill the good bacteria too), and fighting off frostbite (go slowly though - heat the area too quickly and it will damage the frozen cells).