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Ki Halo
Hold your fist in the air and visualize it filling with Ki. Move your fist around in a circle with the Ki trailing off. Move it in a circle three times to create the Halo. Grab both sides of the Halo with your fists and visualize your Ki connecting to the Halo and then let go. Now the Halo will follow the movement of your fists, so if you make your fists touch the Halo will cut through whatever is inside it.

Final Flash

Get into a wide stance and put your arms out to the side so you look like the letter T. Visualize your arms filling with Ki until they can't hold any more. Bring your arms straight up so your fists touch and visualize a block in your wrists and visualize more Ki filling your arms until they begin to shake with power. Bring your arms down to point at your enemy and visualize the blocks in your wrists vanishing so all the Ki in your arms shoots out quickly.

Super Kamehameha
Point one hand to the sky and one to the ground and visualize drawing in positive Ki from the sky and Ki energy from the ground. Visualize the Ki inside of your chest and mix it. Perform a Ki Flame and then do a Kamehameha with this mixed Ki and visualize the ball exploding when it hits the enemy.