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This is a hex that hands your victim over to Lucifer.  This ritual is performed at midnight.  You will need three black candles and it's best if you have a bell (if you don't you can beat a drum or clap your hands).

Begin lighting the three candles at the stroke of midnight.  Ring your bell three times.  Don't rush the ringing; let them echo and die out.

Work yourself into an angry frenzy, taking sinister joy in the darkness about to overwhelm your enemy.  Say,

"Spirits of the Abyss, hear my call to the Most Powerful One, Lucifer.

I do sing through the universe now to thee.

Take mine enemy.  Smite him, break him, scorn him in the night.

From the mighty depths of hell cast your darkness upon him.

Oh Lucifer, shinning Star, touch his mind.  Burn upon his brow.

Revenge will have it's day for mine enemy!"

Extinguish the candles.  It is best to extinguish them with the hand.