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Full-Jing Beam
Create Jing and fill your arms with the Jing, either moved from your hands or your chest, depending on how you made your Jing. Hold your arms out with your wrists touching and palms open. Create more Jing, this Jing must be made in your chest. Visualize this Jing zooming out, pushing out the other Jing in one long beam made entirely of Jing.


Create multiple Jing Balls either in your arms or make them elsewhere and move them there. Make the Jing Balls in one arm positively charged (orangey-gold) and the Jing Balls in the other arm negatively charged (blueish-silver). Hold your arms out in any Ki Blast position and visualize the Jing Balls leaving your arms. The positive and negative Jing will try to spin around each other creating a screw. Visualize this screw zooming into your opponent.

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