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All you will need to cast this spell is thick string, yarn, or some other kind of cord that's around 2 feet long, maybe a little less.  You will tie 3 knots in it a few inches apart so they're kind of evenly spaced along the length of the cord.

As you tie the first knot...

With this knot I seal this hex:

You will not sleep, you will not rest

Knots of anger, knots of hate

DISCORD brings you to your fate!

As you tie the second knot...

For this hex I tie this second knot:

You'll have darkness, you'll have chaos

Knots of lies, knots of hate

SLANDER brings you to your fate!

As you tie the final knot...

To seal this hex I tie this final knot:

Weaving chaos into your mind,

Hex of anger, hex of hate,

Bring him down, I will not wait!

Hold the chord over your head and finish the ritual by saying "So mote it be!"

Once you feel your victim has learned his or her lesson just untie the knots and rinse the cord.