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   There are Seven major chakras

   Two major chakras for telekinesis are the brow chakra (third eye), and the crown chakra.

   The sixth chakra is commonly referred to as the brow chakra (also known as the third-eye). The location of the brow chakra is the tip of the front part of the brain. Depending of the composition of your brain, the brow chakra may be located above the physical eyes at the center of the forehead, or slightly above the top part of your nose. This is the location of higher perception and psychic ability.

   Some people are born with the ability to see energy and aura's. Some well....are not. For those who are not, you have to learn how to open thing called the third eye. The third eye is located on your forehead, in between your eyebrows. If you don't know if you can see energy or not, it looks like a bunch of different colors composed of mainly the colors green(Ki),Red(Negative energy) and blue(Negative energy being recycled into Ki).
   To begin with, sit in a meditation position. Now close your eyes and place your index and middle fingers of your dominant hand on your forehead in between your eyebrows. Open your eyes and blink a few times. Now close your eyes again(fingers still on forehead), and visualize an eye opening where your fingers are. Open your eyes(still visualizing your third eye), and start blinking again, but this time visualize your Third eye blinking with you. Do this until you can actually feel your third eye blinking on your finger tips. Move your fingers and get in a normal position. Still visualize the eye open. Now when you look somewhere, you should be able to see the colors that I talked about on the top of the page.

   When you get good at this technique, you should be able to see energy anytime you want to without having to go through all those steps. Just tell yourself that you want to see energy, and you should see it automatically.

   You can also see energy levels) using the third eye. An energy level determines the strength of an individual in Ki.

   The seventh chakra is commonly referred to as the crown chakra (also known as the life-giving energy). The location of the crown chakra is located just underneath the top of the skull. This is the location of spirituality, the pathway to higher intelligence, and positive/negative PSI energy production.

   An object can only be influenced mentally if the object contains energy in motion.

   Three Fundamentals of Kinesis are Focus, Energy, and Force. Learn them well in order to better achieve success with all kinds of kinesis.