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This spell will break up a couple by creating discord between them, forcing them apart.  While this hex is designed for people who are married, you can easily modify it for people who are engaged or just in a relationship.

You will need four black candles, anointing oil (check the Grey Magic section for oils), a picture of one of the people in the relationship, a red marker, a hammer, 2 nails, and a piece of wood the picture can fit on.

Anoint the candles while thinking of pure chaos.  Visualize them fighting and arguing.  Finally, visualize them breaking up and divorcing.

Take the picture of your victim and put it on your piece of wood.  With your marker draw a heart on the forehead and on the chest of your victim.  Use the hammer to drive the nail into the heart drawn on the chest and say,

"With this nail I stab your heart!

Soon your love so near will part!"

Now use the hammer to drive a nail through the heart drawn on the head and say,

"With this nail I stab your mind!

Insanity you now shall find!"

Place the black candles on four points around the picture of the victim, close enough that the wax will drip onto the picture..  Light all four candles and meditate on the hex once again.  Allow the wax to drip.  Move the candles around so that he or she is eventually surrounded by the dark, negative wax.

When you are ready, pray to a dark spirit of your choice:

“Lord of Darkness bring this hex now to flight. take this man I see before me now speed up his karma, bring him down. take his marriage and break it apart bring it chaos and hate, now to start. tear their love to shreds so fine what was is gone, now is the time. no longer shall they be together his close nit family shall now be severed. when together they start to smother each doest want to kill the other. no longer shall ye be as one your marriage is over what’s done is done! Lord of Darkness, Lord of Night bring this hex now to flight.”

When you are done extinguish the candles.  Repeat the lighting of the candles, meditation, and prayer for two more nights.  After you are done leave everything up until it no longer feels powerful.  This means that while the spell is still working it is no longer connected to the ritual you performed.

In one final act of evil, take the picture and simply throw it away.  Don't ceremoniously burn it or anything, just throw it away.  It's nothing but mere garbage, just like their relationship.