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This is a two-part ritual. 

You will need:

  • A symbol or picture of your victim.  It must be something you can poke a hole through and hang.

  • A thread or string.

  • Something to put the thread or string through the symbol.  A smaller thread can use a needle, but if you're using a thick cord you might need a hole-punch.

  Soak the thread or cord in something you associate with darkness and fear.  Burying it in a graveyard or somewhere spooky for a night works wonders.  Just make sure that if you soak it in something that will rot you wash it off before using it.

  Take your thread and thread it through your picture.  Tie it so the picture doesn't fall off if you hang it.  Hang it somewhere dark where no one will see it.  The back of a closet works well as does dangling it off the back of a desk or a chest of drawers.  If you can't find anywhere good to hang it you can lay it down, but dangling it works best.

  This will fill the victim with a subconscious fear.  It may not show much in every-day life, but it will eat away at them.  It with strain relationships and haunt their dreams.

  The second part is bind them by this fear.  To do this simply tie a knot in the cord.  This will keep them from escaping the fear and they will then associate the fear with wronging you.  If you have channeled you hatred correctly this will keep the person from harming you in anyway except on complete accident or when they have no way of knowing their actions would harm you.

  To set the victim free from the binding just untie the knot.  To set them free from the cursed fear let the picture off the cord and leave it somewhere that moonlight can shine on it for a night.  This will not make the fear vanish, it just makes it possible for them to overcome it on their own.