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Combine the following:

Olive Oil - 1/2 oz.
Pine Oil - 15 drops
Rue Oil - 12 drops
Pepper Oil - 7 drops
Peppermint Oil - 10 drops
Sprinkle of crushed Black peppercorns, obsidian, OR black onyx.

Onyx is better than obsidian, obsidian is better than peppercorns.

Those oils can be very agitating to the skin and can even chemically burn you.

For a weaker but much more simple banishing oil:
Crush some garlic and put it in a jar with olive oil and pine needles (best if also crushed). Leave the jar in the sun for about a day. Strain through cheese cloth or a coffee filter. If using a coffee filter, be careful not to over fill it since it will strain very slowly. If nothing is crushed too small you can use a tea strainer or metal pasta strainer. This oil isn't dangerous to the skin unless you leave it on for a long time or you have allergies. While not actually dangerous to the eye like the other recipe, it still hurts and can cause an eye to be effectively blind due to watering.