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   It helps if you are either empathetic or are sensitive to spirits and the dead. This is a small exercise that you can do on plants and from here you can work your way up to animals. Choose a plant not far from your home (or preferably in your home); nothing too big though. A small tree will do. It will work better if you feel a spiritual connection with the plant. Once you have chosen the plant you should care for it as though you are trying to show your love for it. You have to feel that the plant has a certain importance or a duty that it has to fulfill. It doesn't matter if this importance has nothing to do with a plant (or is even true) you just have to feel this importance (ex: The plant symbolizes your life and without you will die). After some time (around a week) the plant will begin to grow at an accelerated rate. After you have done this you can work your up slowly increasing the size of the plants you care for until you feel you can do this for an animal. I warn you not to begin doing this with an animal right away as we all become angry at our pets some times and that anger can change them for the worse