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About Telepathy
   Telepathy is when a mind sends a message to another mind directly.
   There are many forms of telepathy. These include empathy, pinging, mind-melds, sending, receiving, and others. Do you have a mind? Then you can also have telepathic contact with other minds.
   But the choice method of contact is the link, because practically anything can be sent to someone across a link.

What is a link?
   A telepathic link is when two minds are rapidly sharing information with each other. This can include specific thoughts, emotions, and sensations. For me, a link is like having a second consciousness inside of my head. I can still sense my own thoughts and know that they are mine, but there are foreign thoughts from the other person mixing in as well.
   There is no distance limit on links.

How to form a link
   To form a link with another person's mind, you first off need to extend a line. A line is a stream of thought, which can rapidly scan until it finds the person it is seeking. The line will then remain touching the top of the target person's head until he chooses to let it in, or until you withdraw the line. Some people can feel a line extended to them as a sensation on top of their heads.

   To extend a line, you first need to clear your mind and open it up to the other person's mind. Then, visualize a stream of thought extending outward from your head onto the target person's head.
   However you want to (whether by speech, telephone, chatroom, or telepathically) "ask" the person's mind to accept the line you have extended. Then, "ask" him to extend his thoughts to you as well.
Once this is done you have formed a link.

How to detect that someone has linked with you
   Usually you will sense foreign thought or emotions. Sometimes if the person is experiencing a strong sensation, you will 'feel' what the other person is feeling. You might feel as if you have a second consciousness alongside your own.

Sending specific information through a link
   Once you are linked, all you have to do is clear your mind of all thought other than the relevant. Then, the other person will pick up on it.
   Anything can be sent by a link. You can help someone open his chakras, you can help someone do telekinesis, you can put visualizations in front of a person's closed eyes. If one person in the link is an experienced telepath, it is possible to have full conversations. Obviously though, these conversations go beyond words, and instead you have an understanding of what the person wants you to know.

Ending the link
   Slowly and deliberately. Often links will not be completely disconnected until minutes after conscious thought sharing has stopped. But all you have to do to end a link is to imagine your thought stream returning to your own mind.

Practice Sending A Message

   Look at someone (a friend) that's standing about 6 feet away from you. Think of something you want to know about them. Think of this real hard for this is the goal you will try to reach. Look at them directly in the eyes. Visualize your sight piercing through there eyes and looking into their mind. At this point, a bunch of images should start flashing through your mind, all of them containing some sort of info about what they're thinking. Use your will power to look hard and stay very aware through this sudden flash of memories and images. If concentration is strong enough, the images will stop flashing through and stop at the image that will show you what you wanted to know. Look at and study the image. The answer to your question will suddenly pop into your head.