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What is Telekinesis?
Telekinesis is the art of moving things with your mind rather than your body. Telekinesis is by far the hardest kinesis to master simply because it's difficult to practice. With Pyrokinesis you can practice making a flame, something already growing and shrinking, grow or shrink. With Hydrokinesis you take water which is already moving in tiny currents which are almost undetectable and make them grow into visible waves. Aerokinesis is organizing and strengthening the small breezes always around you. With Telekinesis you have to take something that's holding still and make it start moving. Pyrokinesis practitioners can tell you that making a fire is a lot harder than manipulating a fire, because starting is always the hardest part of motion. While Telekinesis is the hardest to learn it is also one of the most useful kinesis types around too. The following are some examples of Telekinesis practices but feel free to make your own, just keep in mind that from easiest to hardest, the types of movement are like this:

Anything you are touching
Spin (if it spins easily like a psi wheel)
Fall over

Tech 1 - Swinging
For this you obviously need something which swings. A pendulum for divination works best, but anything which swings will do. While choosing your object keep in mind that it should have a weight at the end and it should be as balanced as possible. If using a necklace it's better if you can use the necklace open. Looped things are harder to swing in certain directions.

Once you have what will serve as your pendulum hold it by the end and rest your hand on something solid so your pendulum won't be swung by your arm getting tired. Don't try to move your pendulum at first, just look at it. Some people have strong pulses through their fingers, strong enough to move the pendulum a bit. If you're one of these people become acquainted with the normal kind of movement it makes so you won't get confused. Once ready to actually move the pendulum choose the way you want it to move: forward/back, left/right, clockwise, or counterclockwise. Stare at the pendulum and see it moving in that direction in your mind. Some people find it helpful to just chant "move" or "spin" in their mind at it. For the first several times you may go into a meditative state before it moves. While it doesn't happen to everyone I assure you it is quite normal.

Tech 2 - Spinning
First you will need a psi-wheel;
To make the PSI Wheel, cut your foil into a square. One about 2 inches square is a good size, but a little smaller or larger will still work most of the time.
Fold the square of foil in half to form a triangle. Lay the foil on the table with the fold edge toward you. Take one corner with the folded edge and fold it over to meet the other corner with a folder edge. You should now have a smaller triangle. Crease all the edges so there is a definite fold in the foil.
Open the foil back up but do NOT fold it out flat. Leave it with a point in the middle sticking up and the 4 corners even around the lower edge.
Find something to stand it on like a needle or tall pushpin and make sure it will stand up straight (try using clay or a wad of wax.

Using the same visualization and repeating thought you used on the pendulum, use your mind power to turn the foil (wheel) around on the pin. In the early stages, it really doesn't matter which way it turns. Try to turn it one way for a while and if that doesn't work for you then try to turn it the other way. As with all of the exercises, try to become one with the item. Visualize your minds energy down to the cellular level and see it mesh with the cells of the foil wheel and make it turn.