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Note: Distance to start with should be great. Attacker takes a big step then small ones. Move with the attack then step into strike then out to a safe distance. You can also use Yoko Aruki.

   For Atemi training wrap straw around a tree, and place cloth over the straw. In the old days animal skin was used. A concentration of the mind body and the spirit are to be expressed in the fist. This same principle is used when the training of the five fingers is undertaken. Proper footwork will increase the power of the strikes. Your head becomes a weapon (Kikaku ken), your body becomes a weapon (Tai ken). Training is needed to make every part of your body a weapon. When doing the three fingers striking, you may feel that your strike is not strong enough; so then, you must apply a kick with it. Also kick with both legs at the same time. If you lose your balance roll away.

1. From Seigan no Kamae, strike the tree with Fudo Ken (Thumb on top). Step back to Seigan and repeat.
2. From Seigan strike the tree with Fudo Ken, Shukki (no step), Shuto (no step). Step back to Seigan and repeat.
3. From Hoko no Kamae, keep the knees bent, and with switch stepping, strike the tree, with Shako ken.
4. Size up the distance with the right hand, and foot forwards. Yoko Aruki with the left foot, and strike with a left Boshi ken. Yoko Aruki back and right Boshi ken. Repeat.

Note: The right foot does not move.

5. Step forwards, and strike with Kikaku ken. The left leg then comes up and kicks with the inside edge of the foot (from the ankle anywhere up to the chest). Two steps back and repeat.
6. Strike with San Shitan Ken (Thumb & two fingers), with the left foot forward, striking hard in with the right hand. The hand is held head high during the striking (Feet do not move).
7. As number six. After the strike use a combination of San Shitan Ken, and a kick with the right foot (toe point out)
• Tsuki - Tsuki - Keri
• Tsuki - Keri - Tsuki
• Tsuki - Tsuki / Keri - Tsuki.
8. From standing launch yourself upwards, and kick at chest height with a right or left Sokuyaku. Also two feet. If you fall roll backwards.