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Spirit Children

What Spirit Children really are
   According to Mediums when children die at birth, they cross over to the other side and reach maturity and are raised by the closets relative to the one who gave birth to them, these are called Spirit Children. They say that often when they become kids on the other side that they play with other children that are living, and usually only the living kids can see them. They are often called Invisible Playmates or Imaginary Kids. But when living children grow up they tend to forget about what they saw. There are several books that describe this phenomena like There is no Death by Florence Marryat, and Birth of Death as a Chang of Perception by Baron Hellenbach.

Helper Spirits

Spirits with helpful intentions
   I'm sure that everyone would like to be helped or receive help from beings on the other side. Well there are, these beings or entities are called "Helper Spirits". They are usually close friends and/or relatives that have died, and want to help there living loved one. They often don't have any divine knowledge but are still eager to help out in anyway they can. They work under the supervision of spirit guides, guardian angels, or the divine power itself. Helper spirits normally help the living with grief sadness or/and anger for their deceased loved one. But also helps in other situations that may seem severe even if they can't help out in the way that they wish they could.


Stuff to know about Doppleganger
   Doppelganger, which comes from the German term "double walker". It's when the astral body of a living person comes out of there physical body in the form of a apparition. If the individual is holding in certain emotions (especially from childhood) it can cause the astral body to come out in order to "get away". Doppelganger's can happen weather the person is asleep or awake. He/or she may think it's a ghost. The double can appear in any shape, or form. But most of the time is looks exactly like the individual. Although some may think it's a ghost trying to mimic there form. Some believe that if you see your own astral body in the form of an apparition, it meant that the individual was going to die. But usually the main reason for a doppelganger is the astral body's need to just act out the hidden emotions one is hold in, even though the apparition acts very strangely when seen up close.


The story of the Banshee
   In Irish folklore, the Banshee was known as a supreme fairie. And if you hear her loud scream, that meant you were going to die. Or if she came to you personally and screamed that also mean you or a member of the family was going to die. It was said that the Banshee only goes after people that are pure Irish, and those that are gifted in music (but only pure Irish folk). They say that the Banshee could also take human form and would go to people's houses to bring news of death to someone who lives there. Some people believe that if you hear her then it could be a warning about something else other than death. While others say that only Irish folk can hear her screams, but if someone of non or mix Irish blood heard the screams. Then it meant nothing.