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As we look through the Otherkin community, we see two very different schools of thought on humans; one which is not very fond of humans and can even go so far as to use the word as an insult, and one which believes the first group is foolish and childish.

Can there be no middle ground?

First of all, it's very natural to try and separate yourself from humanity, particularly in the beginning.  Even if you choose to consider yourself human you are certainly unlike most other humans.  It's difficult to explore this new aspect of yourself while also trying to be no different from the "average" human.  So let us go over a few of these points.

Is a Therian still Human?

That really depends on how you look at it.  Many would leap up and begin screaming at you that you're immature for thinking that you're not human, but I challenge these people to consider transgendered people for a moment.  When a person is transgendered it means he or she identifies with a gender other than what they were born with.  This is usually the opposite gender but there are those who identify as being either hermaphroditic or genderless.  If a person is born as male, but identifies as female, this person is often considered a she, even if this person never has a gender-reassignment surgery.  A man is considered a woman because that's the gender she identifies with.  Would it not then reason that a human is considered a tiger (for example) because that's the species he or she identifies with?

What you wish to view yourself as is entirely up to you.  Just be aware that most people will not respond well if you declare that you are not human, even if you explain that it's a matter of identify.

Are Therians superior to Humans?

Another common point of disagreement.  Are Therians superior in some way to Humans?  Who knows?  It's entirely possible that Therians are superior due to more accute instinct and a stronger connection with the wild.  On the flip-side, Humans could be the superior ones.  After all, Therians have a tendency toward problems such as insomnia, strange phobias, disturbing dreams, and of course we sill sometimes have mental shifts when we just don't want them.  Most probably it's a fair exchange; we are superior to Humans in some things but are inferior to them in others.

Are Humans evil?

This is a very common first response from Therians.  Humans dislike the Therian for his or her strange behavior and, even worse, Humans are often unkind to our kinspecies and their habitats.