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Lotus Position Meditation of Completion
   Sit in full Lotus position (you may need to practice the Lotus position during your meditation for some time before attempting this), the sole of the right foot in the place of highest thigh and the left sole of the foot, left in place the highest of the right thigh, crossing the legs, shoulders relaxed.  The spinal column should feel balanced, like each vertebra is balanced on top of the next.  Place your hands on the knees, palms up.  Close your eyes and empty the Mind. This is often difficult, but the purpose of meditation is calm the subconsciousness. Humans see the reality as reflected in this "magic mirror." If the area is turbulent, we can not see or think clearly. So is the symbolism of the element water. This will soothe the mind, heal the body, and will help to see internally.

   Reducing your thoughts and the will to focus on the experience of domestic energy. Take three deep breaths, deepening in relaxation with each one. After completing the third breath put the tip of your tongue in the sky of the mouth (palate). This connects the channels psychic body will crown and the base of the torso. Gently click your teeth 36 times, using only the slightest of movement. This soothes the heart, even in times of tension.

Hitting the Heavenly Drum

   Put your hands on the sides of your head so that the palms cover the ears and your fingers touch at the base of the skull.  Your thumbs should point down from the ears.  Apply a pressure gently with the palms and relax the shoulders. This will heat the ears and the kidneys (Chinese medicine teaches about connections of the body and the importance of accessing them indirectly.  As strange as it sounds, it works). I f your mind is calm you feel the beat of your pulse. Take breath slowly and deeply without producing sound nine times. Consider that each breath as filling a glass of water. The air is first taken to the bottom of the lungs and then is filled to the top of them. To exhale, let the air flow out first of the higher part of the lungs, exhaling from the bottom of the lungs first.  This attracts Ki to the "seat of vital energy ," the Tan Tien. This is the physical and spiritual center of the body, located about two inches below the navel.  When you've done this properly you will know by how it feels.  Once you have achieved this tap your fingers (either the pointer fingers or the middle fingers), alternating between hands, against hte base of the skull twenty four times (12 times per finger).  This stimulates the brain and prevents deafness, and helps to achieve longevity.

Opening the Divine Pillar
   The Tan Tien is the Cauldron of Gold Ninja alchemy through which the basic elements of personality primordial is boiled.  It is accessed by breathing so that the interior (bottom) of the lungs is filled with the Force of Ki. The "vapor" created by this process also increases the connection spine to the "mysterious chamber" of the skull. To achieve this, "the Portals of Divine or Heavenly Pillars" should be opened. Sit in the Lotus position with your hands open and on your thighs.  Calm yourself with your eyes closed then, when you are ready, open your eyes and turn at the top of the waist, twisting to the left then to the right, 48 times. This stimulates and exercises the neck and upper spine.

Bringing Energy to the Palms
   Place the left palm on top of the right palm and rub counterclockwise 24 times. Then turn your hands, make the circular motion clockwise, 24 times. This will stimulate circulation. Place the palms on the back on the kidneys. Turn both hands vigorously in the back 24 instead. Then hold hands on top of the kidneys for a few minutes. This will strengthen the kidneys, improves posture, and increases vitality. This area is known as the Portal of Life. The exercise is called Exercise that Lights the Fire. Relax, rest your hands on thighs, close the eyes. You are now ready to begin more advanced breathing exercises.

Kiri Respiration Exercise
   In classic teachings for Longevity, the student is instructed to completely exhale the air until the lungs are completely empty. This is to burn off toxins and impurities that may have accumulated in the lungs during normal breathing. Do not force this. Most people can handle this exhalation for only a few seconds. It is advised that you do not attempt to progress beyond this point for at least one month.

   The following practices are collectively known in Chinese as Qi Gong, Qi which means "energy" with an emphasis on breath, and Gong which means "work." This is done in this respiration exercise in three ways: through hypoventilation (holding the breath); Hyperventilation (oxygen saturation); And through breathing balanced.

   Hypoventilation makes the blood more acidic and lowers the amount of oxygen in it. This is characterized by a feeling of warmth that floods the body. This also makes the heart beat faster and strives to restore the balance of PH own blood circulating faster. Hyperventilation is characterized by a feeling of cold that penetrates the body. It makes the blood more alkaline be charging the system with large amounts of oxygen. This makes the heart beat slower. Balance of Breath produces a feeling of calm and relaxation.

    There are three main "centers of power" in the human body. The Sacra pump, the pump of the Heart, and the pump games. The first, the base of the spine, is activated by the Lotus Posture as well as the tightening of the sphincter. The second beats constantly. The third is the tip of the tongue tightening, in harmony with the heartbeat pulse against the sky mouth. These centers or "portals" in the spine that allows the Ninja to collect Qi into his Hara (Tan Tien).  Each of these "portals" requires specific breathing technique to open the "endocrine gland" associated and allows the Qi climb. The mudras finger-interlaced enable the student to remember mnemonicamente each level, exercise, and to use the power of that level of initiation

   Basically there are nine major centers of power. The first of these is located at base of the spine. This controls disposal and is the Plexus Sacro. This is the hidden center of the body which celebrates the power of the snake. It also represents the element of earth. Its color is yellow.
   The Tu Mo, or Control Channel, is composed of twenty eight points rising from the Plexus Sacro and traveling up the spin to the top of the skull.  If this channel is not working properly, the person experience problems with bladder, pain in the lower abdomen or chest, or hernia. Many of the points in this channel are used to stimulate or harmonize bodies in general.

   Raise your hands above your head. Entrelace the fingers, but extend the middle fingers of the hands and lower them until they are in front of your chest pointing upwards. Feel the heat between your hands, feel the beat of the pulse in their palms.
   Using the middle finger as a pointer, find the mapping diagram in the air before you, five horizontal and four vertical lines alternately. Close your eyes and visualize the character. This will connect the mind to center sacrum. This is the "Force of Mind and Body."
   Keep your head upright, with tongue slightly in the sky mouth. Inale deeply by the nose, filling the lungs from bottom to the top. Put your hands in the lap. Exale while emptying the lungs from top to the bottom, but exale only two-thirds of the breath. Pressthe remaining third into the Hara, expanding the lower belly, and hold for nine beats of the heart. Repeat 81 times.

   For the 81st repetition, exale completely and hold the exhalation. Concentrate on the Hara. "If this region is warm," say the Chinese, "the person is in the path to immortality." This alone can prevent many diseases. Lower your head forward until tyou touch the chin in the chest if possible, but not force. This will help keep the lungs empty. Do not hold the breath with throat. This may cause breaking of tiny blood vessels that irrigate the face, neck and head.

   While still in this position, the person develops a sense of kinesthetic body. This enables the person to diagnose imbalances of energy within the body. This technique is known as touring.  Slowly release the diaphragm and raise the chin, taking care to not move quickly or jerk about. Release the tension exerted on the Hara and breathe slowly, while taking care not to bring down air into the stomach. Breathe slowly and deeply without sound.

   The Hara is now as warm as a friendly fire. Indeed, you now probably understand why it is called the Golden Cauldron of alchemy in China, for it is used to "distil" the Qi in breathing. You should have a peculiar feeling in the base of the spine which runs up to the base of the skull. This site at the base of the skull is the oblongada cord that controls all functions within the body and breath, movement, and certain other functions, hence the so-called Channel Control.
  While in this altered state you will be able to gain consious control over the functions of the body.  In Yoga, the bandhis or "keys of the muscles," hold the diaphragm, closing the chin and so on, is the first step to develop internal strength with the Ninja forged her body in the fire of his will. For this type of exercise both the Yogi, as the Ninja, develop the ability to withstand extreme variations in heat and cold, pain, hunger and deprivation.

   Patience is a virtue gained through this practice. Being the first in a series, and little known to you at this point, it naturally takes some practice to calm the breath enough to not hear it. Feeling the pulse also requires some practice. And, listening to the beat of the heart that is only possible when the mind is calm, and for most people it will take around 90 days of practice to reach that point. 

   Over time, the beat of the heart becomes as a source of comfort and confidence. Moreover, it is the "clock" by which all these internal exercises are timed. Doing this is vital for the rest of practice.  So do not expect to be enlightened the first time you sit down to this practice. Patience, practice and perseverance are required to achieve even the smallest positive result. Very often the anticipation of a bit of subtle feeling is what prevents this from happening. This also is one of the lessons of hidden Ninjutsu.  Enlightenment rarely appears as a flash of lightning that suddenly makes everything clear. Instead, as many major authors have said, it is a slow and gradual process, made up of many steps, small, each of which contribute to the whole. The trick is to see the pattern.
   One way in which the Ninja does this is through the classification of "10,000 things" in the broad categories of Yin ( "In" in Japanese) and Yang ( "Yo" in Japanese), the two primevas forces of the universe, is constantly striving to balance. (Tao) This is another tool that helps mnemonic memory. This removes many of the prohibitions of society, making so logical that the mouse becomes a theif, just as the cat becomes the murderer. Each act according to their nature. So it is with the man.

   The second center of power is the source of Jen Mo, or Canal of Function. This begins at the base of the genital organs and goes up to center of the body, trough in the face, and out  to the chin. If there is an imbalance in the flow of this channel of energy, the back of the neck is rigid and the individual will have great worry in their spirit. This center represents the element water. Its form is circular and its color is white. It controls sexual desires and is characterized by the energy of youth.  Get your hands as before entrelace your fingers and extend the fingers indicators. Remove the middle finger of his position interwoven and place it on top of the fingers indicators. Think of Hara, the First Point.

   Dropping your hands, close your eyes and put your hands in your lap. Keep your head held high and upright. Start with a exhalation brought about by a quick blow in the abdomen. Inhalation followed immediately by relaxation of the abdominal muscles. So, again as passive inhalation is automatic and that creates a shortage of oxygen in the system. As before, this produces a sensation of heat. Repeat this exercise 81 times timing exhalations at the rate of two per second. Put your head back, while exposing the neck.

   On the 81st exhalation, hold the breath as before with the diaphragm

   Over a long period, some vibrations begin within the body. These emanate from the center of power given to us we are considering now. The vibrations should be collected with a sense of joy.

   This exercise is used to develop concentration. At the sensory withdrawal, the person becomes responsive to those forces which are of a spiritual nature. When the findings of the Ninja are such that he can separate from the senses, it is ready for this, the second phase. In this state, leave the thoughts to journey out on their own, as they wish. In principle this is difficult because the mind is so full of many things that it is a mess and just sits there. After a time the mind starts flowing.

   The unrestricted flow of consciousness and also can entertain thoughts we do not know we have, including those of Evil, for all men have Evil within them.  But, day by day, these will decrease and it becomes less and less numerous and less extensive. So, finally, only the thought remains. Then attention is directed to the interval between thoughts. The later is evasive and floating continuously.  The interval is tranquil and streaming. In this experiment the person comes to know the true ego. This exercise is often taught as a ritual of purification.