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Single Person Training
This is a tech for mind training by yourself.First,close your eyes and imagine a huge,endless room with no walls and no boundaries.You should now imagine yourself as being directly inside the room,meaning that it is surrounding your physical body,not just your mental one.In other words,imagine all of your surroundings melting into a pitch-black room that has no end.Now,still imagining that room all around you,imagine yourself getting up and fighting enemies that are tough,but much slower and weaker than you.Have your imaginary you use techs that you are practicing in real life.To end the fight,simply open your eyes,or,better yet,destroy them first.In the end,you will feel faster,stronger,and more powerful. BUT YOU MUST DO THIS ON A WEEKLY BASIS,OR IT WILL NOT WORK.

Double-Person Training
First,sit cross-legged facing your partner.Now put your hand on their shoulder,and vice-versa.Now link your minds together.Do the same first steps as single-person training,but now,do not attempt to control your partner's movements.Let them move freely,and you can see what is going on.Double-Person training does not have to be used on a weekly basis in order for it to work.I would recommend doing this tech with a student of yours or an equal.