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About Magnokinesis
Magnokinesis is the ability to manipulate, create and control gravity and magnetic waves. While you are learning Magnokinesis it is important to make sure that you are actually moving objects via magnetic waves, not Telekinesis.

Magnetic Wave Manipulation
Visualize the magnetic field of the magnets now pump your energy into it with the intention of increasing the field keep going until its the desired size. Hold a powerful magnet (the stronger the better) in your NONdominant hand and use you ki to pull magnetic waves into your body and out the other hand to pull or repel metal. magnetic wave generating remember the feeling of mag. Waves going through your body and you will start generating accidentally than just learn to control them with your ki  magno-ball once you learn to control the magnetic waves, push them out of your hands but hold it in a ball an throw it at stuff.

Magnetic Wave Gathering
[You'll need a Compass for this tech]
Start by meditating, think back to when you tried the first technique, remember the feeling of the Magnetic waves, recreate it in your head so that you can almost feel it, (you will not need a magnet in this tech)
Hold you your hands so your palms are facing each other, almost as if you were holding a medium sized ball.  Remember that feeling, recreate it, feel it, until you actually can, pull your Dominant hand away  (the one you didn't use in the first tech) and let the magnetic waves move around your hands as if your hand was a Magnet.  Try focusing the waves into the Compass and move it. [Make sure the compass is completely still before you try.

Now just start generating Magnetic waves and focus them into random Shapes, you can make a Ball from it... anything you want...After you mess up the compass, try the same tech on a Psi wheel and see if it works, the psi wheel should be made of paper.