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Revealing and Hiding The Moon
This only works when there are clouds out. Lay down outside at night and relax, meditating upon the moon. Feel the moon's light touching your aura, filling you with it's energy. Reach out with your energy and feel the moon itself. Tell the moon to "hide" in the same way you tell your hand to "close." The moon's energy will pull the energy of the night sky, moving clouds over it. To reverse, just do the opposite; tell the moon to "come out" like you open your hand. This will probably take lots of time since you are moving something big (the energy of the sky) through a link very far away (the moon).

Bright Light

Reach out and connect with the moon like before, and visualize it becoming brighter and brighter, even brighter than the sun. This will make the moon shine brighter.

Moon Glow
Connect with the moon, and visualize it opening like a flower and filling you with it's energy. You may store this energy , depending on your health and control, for anywhere from around 12 hours to 2 days. To use it on yourself, cycle it through your chakras. To use it on another make a Ki Ball out of this energy and use a Ki Beam to push it into them. Those affected by the moon's energy (like weres) will be affected as if they were under the full moon at full power. This can be a useful power-up to you, and a powerful weapon against enemies since it can make them go into a mad, animalistic fury with no thought.

Lunar Energy Fusion
This technique will fuse your Ki with the Lunar element. For the first several times you will probably have to do this while in a meditative state. So begin by meditating outside at night. Open your eyes and look up at the sky. Feel the Moon's energy. Feel how different the Night is from the day. Breathe in, concentrating on the Moon. Feel the Moon's Energy filling you like Ki would fill you in a Ki Breathing tech. This will saturate your Ki with Lunar Energy, creating Lunar Ki.

How long it will last depends on how well you perform this tech and how much Ki you expend. Assuming you do a good job with this tech and don't do much to use up Ki it should last between one and a half days to two whole days, during which it will slowly fade away. If you want to replenish it simply perform this tech again. If you need to get rid of it before then simply perform Ki Breathing a few times in order to flush out the Lunar Ki.

Lunar Ki is good for attacking things controlled by the Moon. It's also very good for healing Lunar beings, heavenly beings, and friendly creatures of the underworld.