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   Science, I have found, is a greatly misunderstood thing.  "Science" is cited as proof of things which it simply hasn't proven.  For this article I will use an example quite common within the Otherkin community; physically shifting Werewolves.

   The most common reaction to bringing up the possibility of a Werewolf species which physically shifts from Human to Animal form is a smattering of claims that this and that are scientifically impossible; it's scientifically impossible to generate that sort of energy, it's scientifically impossible for a body to withstand that sort of strain, etc.  First of all, they have NOT proven that those are "scientifically impossible."  What science has done has proven that it cannot explain those and there is no guarantee that science will not be able to explain them at a later date.  Science as we think of it has only existed for around five hundred years.  It's a baby within the world.

   The idea that science has proven physical shifting to be impossible is based off of the childish notion that if science can explain something it is real and if science can't explain something then it is not real.

Science Can Explain Fake Stuff

   There is a scientific explanation for how a bright green flying elephant would exist.  You can scientifically figure out what would need to be in the skin to make that color, what the wingspan would be, and what changes to the bone structure and musculature would be required of the elephant's body.

  Not only can science explain stuff which is not correct, it has!  Not only has science previously taught us that the sun revolves around the Earth, but the calculations based on a stationary sun are much more complicated and convoluted than those based on a stationary Earth.  Science has not only proven that the sun revolves around the Earth, but even with the introduction of the theory that Earth is what orbits science has proven that the theory of the sun orbiting the Earth is more likely!  Science has also "proven" that the smallest thing in existence is the Atom.  Too bad that protons, neutrons, quarks, neutrinos, and a whole slew of other things are indeed smaller than the Atom.

Real Stuff Can Exist, Even If Science Doesn't Know It

   People often exclaim that science cannot explain Werewolves, therefore Werewolves don't exist.  This is no different than a child covering his eyes and declaring that because he cannot see you, you therefore can't see him.

   Science couldn't explain how bees fly; did this make the bees drop from the sky?  Malaria, a disease transmitted via mosquitoes which have consumed infected blood, was once declared a disorder caused by breathing in "bad air."  Even though science had Malaria wrong Malaria was still quite existent and able to kill people.  Pluto was not discovered until 1930, but it would be foolish to think that it did not exist until then.

  In short, that science can or cannot explain something means only that; that science can or cannot explain something.  That does not translate to the ability to exist.  Do physically shifting Werewolves exist?  Perhaps.  And if they do, then they're just like the proton, the flight of bees, the orbit of the Earth, and the cause of nearly every disease and disorder in human history; something real that science was too stupid to explain at one point or another.