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Levitation Method 1

Step 1
   Stand so that you are comfortable and have good balance.
Step 2
   Create a gigantic ki ball inside your tan tien.
Step 3
   Flatten this Ki ball into a disc with visualization and will power.
Step 4
   Bring it down to your feet and just outside your body, but below your feet, like the floor.
Step 5
   Will it to become more solid.  Feel yourself standing on your disk, not the floor.
Step 6
Visualize it lifting up and lifting you up with it.

This takes a lot of work since you have your entire body weight to overcome.  In the earliest stages of success you will feel less pressure on your heels as you are lifted, but will fall through your disk before you fully leave the ground.

Do not attempt to levitate very high until you've had 100% success at raising yourself only a few inches.  Even falling from a short distance can severely injure you because you won't be expecting it.