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LBRP is a pretty standard non-wiccan banishing. I thought of it at work and decided to post it when I got home.

I'm going to skip the first part for now since I'm really tired and it's more of a power-up than part of the actual banishing.

In the east draw the pentagram like in the picture on the link and say "Yod-Hey-Vow-Hey" then point into the center and visualize the pentagram going off into the distance.

Do the same thing in the South and say "Ah-doh-nai"

Then in the West and say "Ey-Yay"

And then the north and say "Ahg-lah"

When done stand in the center and say "before me, Raphael. Behind me, Gabriel. At my right, Michael. At my left, Auriel." Picture the angels standing just outside where you drew the pentagrams and feel the angels protecting you.

Hold out your arms like a cross and say "about me flames the pentagrams and in the column shines the six-rayed star.