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   First you must cleanse and prepare your space for quiet meditation.  Use dim lights and a relaxing environment, twilight is perfect. It must be done in private in a room with one empty wall and a dark doorway, you may use incense or invocations to aid you.

  Sit comfortably and quietly, fixing your eyes on the wall or the doorway. Make sure that the point you choose to stare at is dull and uninteresting to maintain focus and assure that your attention does not stray. Concentrate on gathering energy to that point. It will usually appear as a cloud or a haze. The longer you look and concentrate the larger and thicker the cloud will become.  You must then defocus your eyes slightly and wait for the energy to collect. Look past the cloud and the chosen point to a lost and glossy destination. A dark background will aid the identification of the cloud and be sure to keep your eyes only half open to keep moist but not to snooze.

  After the cloud has begun to form, relocate your eyes slightly and begin making multiple clouds, eventually bringing them all together in the central cloud. While remaining passive you must will all of the energy around you and in your space to join the rest of the energy in your cloud.  You must will the cloud to spin in a counterclockwise direction to stop its dissipation, natural law, and continue to add energy. The counterclockwise spin should cause the cloud to shrink and become dense but keep doing it and trying to build it.

  Once you have created a sufficient cloud you must draw it in around you. You must have created a large enough cloud to cover your entire body and may have to control the brilliance of it to be unnoticeable. You may wish to have a mirror nearby to monitor your presence as well as employ forms of yoga. This is an endeavor of higher meditation and may require a great deal of practice to obtain proficiency.

Making the Visible Invisible
   If you feel the need, the immediate need to not be seen, you can make yourself invisible. Not just dim yourself from others but completely transparent "I can't see you" invisible.

   The trick is visualization. If you're afraid and in an usual place close your eyes. Now look at yourself (the way you think you look at the present time) and see all your surroundings. Now see yourself fade into the surroundings. If you are terrified or scared take that emotion and project it into your thoughts. Think about how much you "need" to be invisible. See yourself completely disappear in your mind. If you open your eyes try not to look at your hands or down at your body. It will be harder to picture yourself transparent if you can see yourself. Even if no one else can see you, you WILL be able to see yourself. If someone is looking for you, simply wave to them and allow them to see you. This will break the spell. Otherwise it'll be broken when you decide you're done. This can also be done when walking home if you just don't want to be bothered. The second one is the "dim" version.

   This particular invisibility thought projection worked for me. My own mother who was looking for me, and looked directly at me several times, did not see me until I stood up and waved.  If you believe or work with dragons that you are to call on them to aid you. Dragons govern the magick of invisibility. Another group is the fae, or faeries. They use the magick of glamor to cloak themselves from human eyes. Either of these could help with a personally written spell.

Astral Invisibility

   For experienced psions most can "just do it." but for those who are new this may find thishelpful. its basically a shield that makes you invisible.

1) Make a shield.
2) Make it a mirror shield.
3) Slowly, working your way around the shield, program it to disappear. program the energy to become invisible, not to make you invisible. its way easier this way.
4) Program the energy to solidify even more. this way, you will be covered in invisibility.

This should have made you invisible on the astral plain. if you want to take it a step further, add telepathy to it.

5) Add programming to the shield to send out a telepathic message. make the message something along the lines of "huh, I thought i saw something.…Guess not." The message should be about the area you are in. also add that this should only be done when you are in the area of the other person's site.

This should make it so that anyone who sees you a little will dismiss you.