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Appropriate times for magic
Both the moon and the day of the week have meanings. Don't worry about trying to make them both match up, just pick one and work with it.

New Moon (1 day before and 1 day after): rituals about beginnings (blessing a new job, a new home, or a new born baby), love/romance (creating a new relationship), health (especially improving, not healing).

Waxing (growing moon, lasts for about 13 days): inspiration (like for reports or making techs), love/friendship (growing closer to someone you're already close to), prosperity, happiness.

Full Moon (1 day before and 1 day after): healing, predictions, granting wishes, money, strength.

Waxing (shrinking moon, lasts for about 13 days): breaking curses, anything with negative powers (making them or getting rid of them, getting rid of addictions, and anything about "undoing" stuff

Sunday: healing, comfort
Monday: beginnings, work, family/close friends
Tuesday: courage, strength, lust
Wednesday: learning, communication (with spirits or with other people. do it before you give a presentation!), self development (great for sub-c and energy work)
Thursday: wealth, happiness, material things
Friday: love, fun
Saturday: ending things, leaving, rituals to help make a decision.

Appropriate colors for candles
White: healing, peace, truthfulness, spiritual strength (if your ki gets drained too), beating fear or doubt
Yellow: active things, creativity, happiness, intelligence.
Pink: romance, love, friendship.
Red: passion, health, love, strength, courage, power
Purple: strength, success, healing, meditation, protection of places (like a house)
Brown: concentration, money success, getting/finding things that were lost or stolen
Dark blue: break curses
Light blue: wisdom, success, happiness, harmony
Medium blue: peace, protection during sleep.
Black: banishing, protection, majik curses (making them and getting rid of them)
Orange: encouragement, strengthens the influence of other candles.

More advanced, but also related to all forms of magic, are the Laws of Magic.