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Jing Blast
Create Jing whichever method you prefer. Hold your hands so your wrists are touching and your palms are open (so your hands make a < shape). Getting into that possition after making the Jing externally. If you made your Jing internally, make the Jing Ball now and shell it. Visualize Ki moving into your arms and shoot a quick burst of Ki out of your arms so it shoots the Jing Ball. While it is possible to use more Jing to shoot the Jing Ball, it is dangerous, difficult, and ultimately pointless as the launching energy doesn't ever hit the opponent.

Jing Flame
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart like you would for a Ki Flame. Create Jing. If you make Jing externally you will need to draw it in through your hands and reform the Jing Ball in your chest. Holds your arms straight up and then shoot your elbows down like you're doing a pull up. When you do this yell "HA!" and explode the Jing outward. This will super-charge your aura, chakras, and energy flow, and has an effect much like lentation but does so without the adrenaline.

Jing Disk
Make a Jing Ball and hold it on one hand (this will take lots of practice). Once you can hold it in one hand, have your hand flat like you're holding a big platter. Visualize the Jing Ball spinning and flattening like pizza dough, making sure the shell around it flattens as well. You may throw this as you would a Ki Disk.

Jing Shield Attack
Create a Ki Shield, or use one you already have. Create Jing either in your chest or make it in your hands and move it to your chest. By using visualization, expand and hollow it so it surrounds your body like a Ki Shield, making sure it goes beyond the outside of the Ki Shield in place. Make sure to keep the shell around it. You should now have a three layer shield made up of a Ki Shield, a Jing Shield, and the shell for the Jing. Jing is very unstable like this and not good to use for a shield, however, when being attacked in close range you can knock the shell out of the way, making the Jing Shield explode (which is why you need the Ki Shield to protect you). I do this by keeping my arm attached to the front of the shell, so when I sweep my hand to the side it takes the shell with it, causing the explosion.

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