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  you can tell when a banishing has worked because there is a very distinctly different feel to the air after a banishing. If you pierce it and step back through into "normal" space for a moment you're generally pretty stunned by the difference. I'm not sure how to describe it, but the shift is so very sudden when stepping through that it would be pretty hard to just make up and fool yourself into feeling. I'm not sure if we all feel banishings the same way, but I'll describe mine. First of all, the air seems much warmer, but it has a kind of crisp refreshingness to it like a pleasantly cool day. It also sometimes feels like the air might not be touching my skin (a truly odd sensation). When banishing with a Demon Square it feels like the air might be a little thicker, but still in a pleasant way (and it still somehow feels like it's not quite touching me). The thickness kind of reminds me of a nice fleece blanket. It's comforting rather than restricting or burdening.

Personally I find Wiccan banishings to have those physical sensations to a much lesser degree, but this overwhelming feeling of peace and safety in addition.