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  "Fibers, what are they exactly?"
I've always had trouble answering this question, because I don't fully understand it either. The best way I can decribe it is like Chakra DNA. It is the level between the physical body and the energy body (chakras). It tells how the physical body should interact with the chakras (supposedly, we are not completely sure of this). Fiber manipulation falls under Biokinesis, because you are manipulating how the body works (so far we can only do it on the energy level, we are just now understanding how to do it on the physical) to an extent, but that extent is unknown because we continually discover new things.
"Ok, so how can these be used?"
To improve on our already existing lives. Fibers may not last forever, because Fibre, made by other things other than the body naturally, dissipate. Why do they dissipate? Because energy doesn't last forever, it needs to be continually replaced or "recharged" (or give it more energy). This may be used to increase your enegry for a limited time, give you better awareness, and the list goes on and on.
"To what extent can this go?"
Because this falls under Biokinesis, there is no limit, only a limit to what I can currently do. It takes practice to perform suh abilities, and to do it safely. Because I was born with this ability naturally, I advance very quickly, almost to the point where I'm beginning to doubt if this exists. We (me and my research team) is just now getting into physienergy, ot the energy used by the physical body, not just the chakras.
"You said safely, why?"
To many psions (people who practice psychic abilities) Biokinesis may be dangerous. Why? Because you are dealing with manipulating something living. If you were "programming" (or telling how a fiber should work) and you tint it with thoughts that you didn't intend, you can cause damage to the body.
"How do you do Biokinesis?"
Not sure, how do you breath? I've been natural born with this like we were born with breathing, I have no idea how it happens, it just does. That's very much like any ability you were born with, it just works, you don't know how, but it does.
"Alright, can you prove such a thing exists?"
-gives a heavy long sigh- It's just like any other psychic ability, it's just very duificult. I believe it enough to practice it and gather a research team to help me. I never want to be brung to a lab just to prove it exists or not. I like it just the way it is. Sure it *might* prove something, but I hate the media, and I don't want to risk any of my teams reputation on such a delicate subject.
"So.. how exactly far are you? How far do you hope to go?"
I'm very far for doing this in a short month. I can give extra energy for a bit, heal pains in the body (to an extent, I can't work miricals). I love my work, and I hope to never stop. How far do I wish to go? As far as possible! This research gives much oppertunities!As I advance further, I hope people can just accept that people like me (I'm speaking for all the psions when I say this) is here to stay, and we aren't leaving!
"You only want fame" (Yeah, I got this once)
DAH WHA???? *Excuse me???* I want *nothing* to do with the media OR fame! Those such things do not interest me, they only discust me! And if your thinking I only want money, then your obviously too materialistic! I don't need money to live life, mabey for things to *live* but not to be happy. Money means nothing to me! I oinly want to help and heal people! And if you think I'm lieing, then you can leave! I don't have to deal with your oppinions, your "facts" are not alway correct, and neither is mine!
"What does it mean to scan?"
That means for me to look at your fibre and heal them, as well as look for special ones. They may become damaged when lets say you break your arm. Your arm may be healed, but your Fiber has not. I can even improve some fibers, such as the "Core" (a core is what every living things needs to make fibers and emotions).

A little about fibers in your body:
Core: this resides within the Solar plexus, or where your belly is. This fiber gives a beutiful golden glow, and it's the power house of the body. Loose this and your body cannot make new fibers, nor heal them. Then you become "dead". You stop feeling emotions, and you become like a "Robot".
Chakra Fibre: These fibre are locateed at each chakra point (do a bit of research in Wikipedia about chakras if you don't know what they are). Unlike the chakras, they don't spin, they just tall how the chakras should interact with the body (supposedly).
Red Fibre: these are the fibers that represent damaged ones, or blocks in the chakras.
Green: Healing or healed fibre.
Blue: A shared fibre, this usually comes from having good friends, it means your "connected" to them.

Ok, now that we understand what Fibre are, let's discuss the types! Those with '*' means it lasts for a limited time, it it has ^ it lasts until it's destroyed or healed. '!' means it has no limit, or nothing special about it.

! Invisible: These Fibers contains no special properties, nor do they need attention, so I make it so I do not see them,

! Red Fiber: A damaged fiber that can be healed. Some can be healed faster than others.

! Green Fiber: A fiber that is being healed or has been recently healed.

^ Blue Fiber: A "shared" fiber, or a fiber that connects you to a close friend or family member. I can "look into" these to see whom you are connected with, but I am not always accurate.

! Cyan: Normally means this person is empathic, or the person can feel others emotions.

* Brown: Dummy fiber, only one perpouse: To test accuracy of a new scanner.

^ Black: A fiber under attack from the "Zombie" Fiber

! Secondary Black: Broke fiber, no use at all, no longer contains programming.

^ Orange: Zombie fiber, a Fiber normally caused from lost pf past depression. These fibers require a high level of practice to heal or remove. Retro is much easier to remove or heal, and is an early sign of deep depression (sometimes).

^ Yellow: A fiber under stress, cannot heal itself, is attempting to protect other fibers around it.

^ Gold: A Core fiber (aka "Hyper Fiber"), always within the center of the solar plexus, every being requires this.

^ Secondary Core: A fiber that acts just like a core, but can have extra properties.

^ Purple: "Super-fiber", retro: A fiber that heals other fibre around it, this can be naturally produced, but is not common. Advanced: Created only through a healer, has larger healing rate, and can protect itself from a Zombie fiber. Both slightly increases energy flow.

^ White: Solar plexus fiber, surrounds the core and protects it, also heals other fibers around it.