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Genki Dama

Hold your arms straight up with your palms facing upwards. Visualize pulling in Ki from all around you, creating a kind of soft Ki Ball. Visualize the Ki Ball spinning so it sucks in new Ki around you. Keep doing this until the bomb (Ki Ball) is big enough for whatever you are doing. The bigger the bomb, the softer it will be and the slower it will move. So when you throw it, make sure to throw it slowly at first and then speed up.


Stand in a strong stance (you'll need it once you're good at these). Cup your hands to your side and make a Ki Ball. Through visualization start filling your arms with Ki and shoot it out like a Ki Beam, shooting the Ki Ball out on the end of the beam.


This is a reinforced Ki Beam. Hold both hands out with your palms facing your enemy. Put one palm on the back of the other hand and visualize Ki moving into both arms. Perform a Ki Beam so both beams are shooting at once in the same place. This will make an extra-strong Ki Beam.

Dragon-Bite Ki Attack

Visualize your arm filling with Ki in the shape of a Chinese Dragon. Pull your hand back and punch towards your enemy and visualize the Dragon shooting out of your arm. Visualize it biting your enemy as it goes through him.

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