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Psychic manipulation of the element Air, both the energies of air and of physical substance.


The fifth element; Spirit.  Energetically speaking, it is a less-common and less accurate word for the Anima energy.


The animating force behind living things.


An Egyptian symbol which symbolizes life.  It has become a somewhat universal symbol of Vampirism.


Also incorrectly called "Ascendation."  Ascension is when you break through your absolute power limit (either permanently or temporarily) and your base power level is now that higher level.  Imagine that training is like running up the stairs from floor 1 to floor 2.  When you ascend you are then starting on floor too and running to floor 3.  This means that even if you're at the very bottom of the training stairs you're still much higher than someone who hasn't ascended at all.


Psychic manipulation of the forces of weather.


A field of loose energy constantly surrounding all living beings.  It's size, shape and color are directly influenced by the nature and demeanor of the being it surrounds.


The consumption of one's own blood.  This is often done as a quick-fix for Sanguine Vampires.  While it does not actually give the Vampire the energy it needs, the Vampire's body has associated the consumption of blood with feeling better which can cause a placebo affect, temporarily causing the Vampire's withdraw symptoms to decrease.


The process in which one realizes what they are and it begins to integrate into the person's life.  It is analogous to puberty.  An Awakening generally takes a span of time of at least a few months, but there are usually definitive events which cause a certain part of the Awakening to progress, begin, or complete.  An example of this is the first time a Psi Vampire feeds and realizes what he or she is doing.


A generic sphere, though when used in this site's Energy Arts section it usually refers to a sphere between the size of a softball and a basketball unless otherwise stated.


A specific feeling energy released by both Vampires and Otherkin, particularly those who are Unawakened or partially Awakened.


A solid stream of Ki or some other energy like in nature to a pole.

the Beast

Both Vampire and Otherkin can experience the Beast, but generally in different forms.  The Beast is the name given to the inner desire to flip out, act psychotic, and generally behave violently.  In Vampires this is caused by having a predatory nature and being surrounded by their natural prey, and in Otherkin this is caused by having a distinct animal nature which is being suppressed for the sake of human society.  An animal in either situation tends to exhibit tension, slight neurosis, and may ultimately break lose and lash out at the things around it.  The Beast is that within us which does that.


The period of the Becoming begins towards the end of or directly after the Awakening.  If Awakening is like puberty then the Becoming is like being a young adult, when you get your first job, go to college, and generally learn how to be a successful member of society.  For most people the majority of the Becoming will consist of learning how to balance between human life and the needs and urges of a Vampire or Otherkin.


Psychic manipulation of the forces of Life, almost universally on a molecular level.

A short burst of energy used to launch a ball of energy without the continuous stream found in Beam attacks


A state in which the body has been energetically worn down by exertion and needs to rest and replenish it's energy supply.  Some people suffering from Burnout may temporarily practice Psi-Vampirism on a subconscious level, but this is not often the case.


An umbrella term use to signify any being or creature which does not and has not ever been native to what we think of as our physical universe.

Psychic manipulation of time.


A "pack" meeting of Vampires.  The group itself is sometimes called a Court.


A semi-common term used to reference a human who is energetically sensitive and identifies with the lifestyle and needs of Vampires or, more commonly, Otherkin.  A Cousin is the opposite of a Mundane.


A term which typically denotes a group of pagans, especially Wiccans.  Within this community it  can also denote a similar group of Vampires, Otherkin, or the combination thereof.  It is typically a more human-minded group structure than indicated by "pack."


Psychic slowing of molecules in order to lower temperature, as well as manipulation of ice.


A symbol sometimes used to represent Therianthropy.  Theta represents the human nature and Delta represents change and the animal aspect.  The symbol takes the form of a triangle (Delta) overlaid onto a circle with a small horizontal dash in the center (Theta)


A mostly flat, round shape.  Most disks are similar in shape to a frizbee toy.


A person which knowingly and willingly chooses to give their energy to one or more Vampires. 


One who has been a part of the community for many years, is both knowledgeable and wise, and is willing to share this with others.  The term is used within the Vampire community more than the Otherkin community.

Psychic manipulation and generation of electricity.


A less-used term denoting a Vampiric turning.  This term is less popular as it is over used in roleplay games.


Generally a reference to Vampires.  The act of taking in and "consuming" energy from an external source, usually a human.


Psychic manipulation of the ground and the elemental forces of Earth.


A gathering place which is used as a meeting place or social hub for the local community.  Vampire Havens are typically bars and nightclubs, Otherkin Havens are typically hidden corners of nature parks.

Any force which cures illness, reduces pain, treats symptoms, or fixes physical damage.


An organized group of Vampires which may range in size from being an average pack to being a large tribe.  A House may have specific rules or beliefs and may or may not allow in non-Vampires.  Those that allow non-Vampires generally limit the membership to donors and close family of member Vampires.

the Hunger

The "hunger" for energy which a Vampire experiences.  It can manifest as feelings of physical hunger or thirst, but food or drink will not suffice.


Psychic manipulation of water and it's elemental energies


A type of Vampire which does not die of old age.  Many mythical Vampires are representative of Immortals.  It is generally thought that there are no real Immortal Vampires.  However, it obviously cannot be proven.


"Compressed" or "Condensed" Ki made by removing all parts of Ki except for the parts used in attacks.

The vital energy which keeps us all alive.  It has many uses, the main focus of which on this site is combative.  Ki is also sometimes referred to as Chi, Qi, and Qui.  It is also sometimes referred to as "Prana," but that refers specifically to Ki in relation to breathing.

Ki Flame

A technique which flares out at the aura and gets your Ki moving faster, making it easier to use.


A word meaning "relative," with the connotation that it is a distant relation such as the relation between people whose families have long been native to a specific village.  It is often a shortening of  "Otherkin."


A suffix added to denote kinship with a specific being.  For example, Dragon-Kin denotes one who has an Otherkin connection with Dragons.


Same meaning as Kin; a distant relation.  Is often used to denote the connection between people in the community.  Is used more within the Vampire community than the Otherkin community, presumably due to the variance of species.


A poser, lifestyler, or faker.  One who is not a true Vampire or Otherkin but who acts like it.


A Vampire or Otherkin which has not yet Awakened.  Often denotes one who is past the average age of Awakening.

Limit Break

A temporary boost in energy in which you push past your current energy limit.


Psychic manipulation of the forces of the Moon, and to a lesser extent, the Moon's appearance.

Manipulation of energies for uses such as offerings, summonings, invocations, evocations, and banishing.   This spelling does not indicate either White or Black alignment.


An alternative spelling of  "magic" that indicates White magic alignment.


The free-flowing energy all around us.  It is found in the largest quantities in nature.


A word indicating "normality."  Depending on the usage it's meaning can range from non-kin and non-vampire to meaning the person is completely non-magical.  The word literally means "ordinary in the world" and generally indicates that the person in question does not belong in our community; the opposite of a Cousin.


A person who is physically human but who has a mental and/or spiritual connection with on or more non-human entities, most usually an animal.  An Otherkin may or may not consider itself human in any sense other than physically.


Psychic manipulation of light, and by proxy, shadow.


Mentally directed energy within a living being.


A Vampire which feeds best off of Psi energy and may feed off of Psi energy exclusively.


Psychic speeding up of molecules in order to raise temerature, as well as manipulation of fire.

A supersaturated energy made up of the combination of heavenly energy and hellish energy.

A barrier between t wo things.  Most shields can, through the use of Psi, be programmed to reflect, deflect, or even filter energies.

Tan Tien
The main (but not only) storing space for Ki within the human body.  All Ki flows in and out of this center, also making it somewhat akin to the heart.  The Tan Tien is around two inches below the belly button, but several inches inside of you placing it at the center of your body.

Psychic manipulation of anything, usually referring to a physical object.  Telekinesis is Greek and means "moving from afar."


A less PRG-ish word that denotes turning someone into a Vampire.


A being which needs to feed off of the energy of others.  While it technically encompasses all such beings the word tends to denote a human-bodied Vampire unless otherwise is specified.


The creation of images in your head with such force and strength of will that they begin to exist on the energetic level.


A shortening of  "Werecreature," it is used to denote an Otherkin.  It almost always denotes a Therian which shifts.