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    These techniques will create energy clones of yourself.  For obvious reasons this means these techniques work best on the astral realm.  However, they can be used to energetically attack or defend on the physical realm.  Plus, since energy and matter and interchangeable, it's not impossible to make the clones physical, just impossibly hard.

Cloning Method 1

Step 1

   Fill your body with ki.  Completely fill it until no more will fit.

Step 2

   Form the ki into a body that exists in the same space as you (like a double exposure).  If you're good at astral projection you may find this easy.

Step 3

   Focus on the energy body remaining where it is and take a big step to the side and leave the body behind.

Step 4

   Strengthen your clone.  It's just a shell of ki at the moment and should be given more energy.  If you give it psi you can program it to do more than simply exist.

Step 5

   Stop focusing on your clone and see if it remains stable.  If it does you have successfully created a clone.  You may now program it, practice energy attacks on it, or whatever else you like.