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  1. Sit on your heels Japanese style, hands resting on your thighs. Have you palms face up and your hands relaxed to they curl a little.

2. Create Chaos Energy in such a way that you can channel it through your eyes. Create several Waves of it.

3. Channel the Chaos Energy into the space in front of you, creating a mass about the size of whatever you are making. Make it thick and full.

4. Concentrate on the limbs and make them defined shapes.

5. Give it fine detail like fur, spines, eyes, etc.

6. Slowly stand up and have it mimic you in every way as you do so, from the speed you raise to the angle of your feet. Think carefully about how to do this if the form is significantly different than the human form.

7. Walk around you Chaos construct, visualizing it moving slightly, like adjusting it's weight, looking around slightly, or gently swishing a tail.

8. Once behind it, lunge into it with your arms out, hands pressed together so you are spearing it with your hands.

9. Open your hands about shoulder width and step into the construct, wearing it.