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Drawing in Mana
Hold your hands in front of you like you're creating a big Ki Ball. Many people have found it easier if they hold their hands a bit lower and have their palms a little more face up (imagine holding a bowl or a slippery ball you need to hold from underneath). Close your eyes and feel the energy around you, taking note of how everything feels alive, even the air itself. Reach out with your Ki and let it mix with the energy around you, and feel that life like it's your own. Now draw that Ki back in, bringing the Mana with it. Part of the Mana will be your Ki, which is good since this will help you control it. Don't worry about the fact that it's not "pure" Mana since Ki is simply Mana belonging to a certain animal rather than just floating around. When you breath Mana in it becomes Ki, when Ki leaves your aura it becomes Mana (which is why it takes concentration to perform a Ki beam or blast). Mana naturally flows and disperses like air, so don't worry if the first several times you try to control Mana you fail after bringing the Mana in.

Mana Gathering Breath
Obviously drawing in Mana can be time consuming. This tech will fill you with Mana so you can practice your Mana techs more easily instead of having to Mana Draw after every tech. Breath deeply, in the nose and out the mouth (gently out the mouth, not blowing hard, but not through a huge gaping mouth either)

Ki-Purge Mana Gathering
This tech temporarily replaces a great deal of your Ki with Mana so you have the maximum possible Mana to work with. Obviously you shouldn't do this while sick. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, knees bent just a tad. Visualize roots of Ki leaving your feet and merging with the Mana of the earth. Visualize Mana flowing up through these roots and filling you.

Mana Ball
Hold your hands like you're holding a basketball. Either draw in Mana or use Mana you've drawn in from a previous tech. Visualize it's pure green energy flowing into your hands to make a ball.

Mana Flare

Make a big ball of Mana inside your body, above your Tan Tien.  Hold your arms straight up with clenched fists.  Shoot your elbows down, like doing a chin up. As you do this, breath out strongly (I suggest either yelling your making a silent "HA!" sound) and explode the ball of Mana outward.  You will probably feel the different elements swirling around in your Aura. 

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