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Layered Ki Ball
Make a Ki Ball and compress it as much as you can without turning it into Jing. Make another Ki Ball around it and another one around that. Keep adding new Ki Ball layers until it has as many as you want.

Ki Level Sensing
While this won't tell you exactly how strong someone is, it will give you a pretty good idea. Visualize a soft beam of Ki leaving your Tan Tien and touching someone else in theirs, like a really thick vine growing out of you and into them.

   If it feels soft and like you could push into it like fat then it means they don't train in Ki or have only started and don't have much Ki.
   If it feels brittle or crumbly then it means they're experiencing a burn out.
   If it feels mushy then they are really sick.
   If it feels firm or hard then it means that they train in Ki and the harder it is the more powerful they are.

Ki Flame Punch/Kick
Fill your fist (for punching) or foot (for kicking) with Ki. Keep visualizing more Ki filling that part of your body until the Ki starts to pour out into your aura. Attack your enemy with that part of your body and use visualization to explode the Ki outward when it hits them.

Ki Beam
Visualize Ki filling your arms. Hold your arms out with your wrists touching and palms open. Visualize a wave of Ki zooming up from you Tan Tien, pushing out the Ki in one long beam.

Gigantic Ki Blast
Hold your arms in the Ki Blast position and visualize a lot of Ki flowing into your hands and arms. Keep doing this until they feel overloaded with power. Visualize one last surge of Ki rushing to your hands, blasting all of that Ki.

Create multiple Ki Balls in your arms. Make the Ki Balls in one arm positively charged (bright orange) and the Ki Balls in the other arm negatively charged (dark blue). Hold your arms out in any Ki Blast position and visualize the Ki Balls leaving your arms. The positive and negative Ki will try to spin around each other creating a screw. Visualize this screw zooming into your opponent.

Roaring Flame
Feel the energy within your stomach, feel it flowing and growing and surging with intent and the desire to win.  Take a few deep but quick breaths as you do this.  You should start to feel almost as if you've swallowed lava.  Let loose the roar and the energy with it, and feel it engulfing your opponent.  Depending on your skill and their strength they may freeze, fall, pass out, or even flee.

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